Bocas del Toro to Medellin: A Tale of Real Estate Expansion and Shared Culture

October 11, 2023

Medellín and Bocas del Toro are two places with unique histories and investment potential that have converged in a real estate venture


Medellín and Bocas del Toro are two places with unique histories and investment potential that have converged in a real estate venture reflecting globalization and the interconnectedness of cultures. In this article, we will explore the histories of these two cities and how their union has led to the opening of a new United Country office in Medellín.

Medellín: History and Investment Potential:

A few years ago, Medellín, a city primarily inhabited by people from rural backgrounds, embraced an ambitious vision: to become the industrial epicenter driving Colombia's economy. Endowed with an entrepreneurial, friendly population with exceptional negotiation skills, this community laid the groundwork for what is now the country's second-most important city. However, what truly made Medellín special was the deep affection and profound sense of belonging that its residents developed for the city they chose to call home.

Nevertheless, amidst its ascent to greatness, Medellín was marred by a period of brutal violence that catapulted it to infamy as one of the world's most dangerous cities in the 1980s. While the rest of the world was rapidly advancing towards globalization, Medellín viewed this concept as distant and perhaps unattainable.

Back then, Medellín was Colombia's industrial hub, leading the way in textile and garment manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, and healthcare. Simultaneously, it was sowing the seeds of what constitutes Medellín's essence today, with an increasing focus on services, including insurance, banking, pensions, and much more. Even in the face of adversity, pride and a sense of belonging for this land never wavered. The people of Medellín never gave up, and despite challenging circumstances, they tirelessly worked to make the city of the "eternal spring" flourish and attain the long-desired peace.

Over time, the city began to experience a growing sense of tranquility and security. Art, culture, and artistic expression became central to daily life in the city. Graffiti, theater, poetry, singing, and dance played a fundamental role in Medellín's healing process and contributed to the creation of a new cultural identity.

Beyond their deep patriotism and love for their land, the inhabitants of Medellín discovered an unbreakable resilience. Through creativity, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit, they transformed Medellín into the world's most innovative city, a title awarded by The Wall Street Journal and City Group in 2012, surpassing even cities like Tel Aviv and New York. This recognition testifies to the real estate investment potential in a city that has overcome monumental challenges and has become a global benchmark for innovation and development.

Bocas del Toro: Exploring a Natural Paradise:

In contrast, Bocas del Toro, located in Panama, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. Its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush tropical rainforests have made it a renowned tourist destination. Over the years, Bocas del Toro has attracted investors and travelers from around the world, leading to the development of a steadily growing real estate market.

The Union of Two Cultures:

The opening of a new real estate agency office in Medellín represents the convergence of two worlds. Ryan Markley, a native of the United States and the founder of United Country in Bocas del Toro, opened the doors to his office in this beautiful region over three years ago. Inspired by the tremendous potential he found in the city of Medellín, he decided to expand his presence in Colombia.

During his recent real estate investment in Medellín, Ryan had the opportunity to meet Andrea Guerra, an experienced local real estate agent with over four years of experience. Together, they have formed a strong team committed to providing the best real estate investment opportunities to foreign investors. This collaboration is the result of globalization, which has bridged distances and allowed two communities to connect and leverage investment opportunities in both directions.